The Answer is Always The Pelvis

I’m teaching a 6-week series of Awareness Through Movement® classes starting this week, which I’m calling (not all that imaginatively, I confess) Integrating Hips and Pelvis. I wrote a bit about the hips a few months ago, for a workshop I did on spirals. I thought it might be good to have a few words on the pelvis, too. Here’s the description I use when I teach a workshop on the pelvis:


The Answer Is Always The Pelvis: Learning to use your center

We like to joke in the Feldenkrais community that there are no quizzes in our studies, because the answer is always 'the pelvis.' (Well, either that or 'it depends....'). In this workshop you will discover what we mean.

The Pelvis is the largest and heaviest bone in the body, it is centrally located, supports our most vulnerable organs and is traversed by our largest muscles; our nervous system identifies the pelvis as the center of our selves. Developing awareness of the pelvis leads to centered, graceful movement and is an essential element in the alleviation of any musculoskeletal discomfort.

As with so much
Feldenkrais work, you are likely to find this centeredness extending beyond the quality of your movement to your mood and state of mind.