Breath, Sleep, and the Rhythm of Life

I am generally against breathing exercises in the commonly accepted notion of breathing exercises where I would be teaching someone that they must breath like this or like that. It is exactly as if you told someone they must say this or that, If you meet with a woman you must talk a little about politics, a little about the weather, or love, etc. You know what results from such instructions - an idiot results. It is the same thing if you tell someone how he needs to breathe. The instructions usually destroy his breathing.

- Moshe Feldenkrais, Alexander Yanai lesson #17 “Breathing”

Make no effort to breathe deeply, or in any special way.

-Michael Krugman, Guided Natural Breath

There are so many breath techniques out there, promising this or that benefit (just google “breath technique” or, better yet: “breath insomnia”), that it is a huge relief to many of my
Sounder Sleep students to be invited to notice their breath without any conscious attempt at manipulation.