Less is More


LESS:  effort, strain, pain, injury, stiffness, stress, suffering….

MORE:  ease, power, agility, creativity, flow, flexibility, pleasure, satisfaction…

These claims are made by Feldenkrais teachers (including myself), and teachers of pretty much any mindfulness-based approach to self-improvement. But how exactly is it supposed to happen?

Here’s how it works in the Feldenkrais Method®.

Less effort = more awareness

Imagine yourself at a train station, trying to hear someone speak while a train goes by. Now imagine that you are holding the same conversation by a quiet lake. Of course your nervous system will have a much easier time taking in your friend's words in the quieter environment.

The same holds true when the "noise" is your own effort, and the "words" you are attending to are the sensations in your body. Read More...