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“There seemed to be no end to the artistry of the faculty and the enthusiasm of the participants.” -- an Early Music Week participant

Please join us!

Sunday-Sunday, June 22-June 29, 2014

El Siglo de Oro

The Golden Age of Spain

SalomeWith special guest faculty:
Salomé Sandoval




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Quodlibet 2014

Early Music Week faculty share toughts on this year's program

March 5, 2014


by Salomé Sandoval

Hi there! My name is Salome and I am very excited to join the Early Music week at the World Fellowship Center this year!

I am from Venezuela, a South American country which like many others displays traces of many cultures. Perhaps that is why I have always been interested in finding out all those roots when it comes to the music that I research and perform.

This summer, I plan to bring with me selections from Mateo Flecha's "Ensaladas" – a collection with an interesting salad of languages and cultures that include European countries and the new world.

Here is a sample from this collection, "San Sabeya Gugurumbé (La Negrina)" performed by the renowned ensemble led by Jordi Saval.

This Summer let's share a voyage together, playing and singing, in Spanish and native languages, for the conquest of knowledge and most fun times!