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“There seemed to be no end to the artistry of the faculty and the enthusiasm of the participants.” -- an Early Music Week participant

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this year's theme is:

Love and War
Music as Mirror of the Human Condition

Sunday-Sunday, June 23 – June 30, 2019

Venus and Mars In contentious times, we are reminded that music is a mirror of the human condition, expressing both the highest and lowest facets of our nature. Music ingratiates and inspires, capable of rousing emotions to a fever pitch, so it is not surprising that composers have enlisted music to express, influence, and seduce listeners towards love or towards conflict. Sometimes music expressing love is really about battle; while battle music can be derived from love songs.

At World Fellowship’s Early Music Week, 2019, we will delve into the vast repertoire of love and war music with the help of our talented and energetic faculty, inspired by the breath-taking natural surroundings of Mount Chocorua and Whitton Pond, and sustained by the garden-fresh organic vegetables on our dinner plates.

This year's faculty includes Pamela Dellal, voice, Jane Hershey, viol, Ken Pierce, historical dance, Roy Sansom, recorder, Josh Schreiber Shalem, viols and FeldenkraisTM body work, and Larry Wallach, keyboard. Join us!

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