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“There seemed to be no end to the artistry of the faculty and the enthusiasm of the participants.” -- an Early Music Week participant

Please join us!

Music in a French garden


Music and Dance

Thursday-Thursday, June 23-June 30, 2016

Registration opens soon!
Early-bird discount ends May 15

Joining the faculty this year...Héloïse Degrugillier, recorders, and Ken Pierce, historical dance!


With special guest dancerÏ/choreographer Ken Pierce, the WF EMW will explore the profound influence both Italian Renaissance and French Baroque dances had on music for the theater and chamber. Dancers will have dedicated time for the dance alone with Mr. Pierce, as well as some opportunities to collaborate with music classes throughout the week. Musicians will play dance suites, dance songs and theater music all heavily influenced by the dance of these styles.

The workshop consists of group classes tailored to the playing abilities of participants, from advanced beginners to advanced players, including classes devoted to viols, recorders, voices, and mixed ensembles, as well as classes dedicated to historical dance. This year’s faculty includes Héloïse Degrugillier, Pamela Dellal, Jane Hershey, Anne Legêne, Ken Pierce, Roy Sansom, Josh Schreiber Shalem, and Larry Wallach.

*Danserye (DAN-se-ray-uh) is the title of Tielman Susato’s popular collection of dances published in Antwerp in 1551