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JayApril 4, 2014

Sephardic Music

by Jay Rosenberg

The Siglo de Oro is generally thought to have begun around the time of Columbus’s first voyage in 1492, but that date also marks the end of an era in Spanish history: both the Moors and the Jews were driven from the peninsula where the former had held sway since their conquest in the late 8th century, and the latter had lived since at least as early as Roman times.

The diaspora of the Spanish Jews, or Sephardim, took them throughout the Mediterranean and the near east, where they were subjects of the Ottoman Empire. Preserving their Spanish culture, they merged ancient and new texts with music heavily influenced by their new neighbors. The fruits of this life are still enjoyed today, and we will sample songs from many aspects of this culture in my Sephardic music class.

My other offering this year will be the delightful part songs of Juan Vásquez who lived in the first half of the 16th century. His suave and charming music has delighted me for a long time. Here is a sample:

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