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Feldenkrais® and Sounder Sleep®
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December 30, 2013


JoshWelcome to my web site!

My name is Josh. I help people learn to move more easily, comfortably, and effectively.

 I do this mostly using the Feldenkrais Method®

I hope you'll join me!


Focus for Spring 2014:

Spiral Power!

How will your life be different when you can:

  • Roll over smoothly and effortlessly in bed – without waking yourself (or your partner, if you have one)

  • Get out of bed (or out of a chair or even up off the floor) in a smooth, elegant spiral

  • Feel the ground under your feet pushing up through your skeleton so you can hold your head high with ease

  • Walk, run, or exercise with powerful, flowing movements

  • Experience your arms and hands being free and supported

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Power & GraceWeekly Awareness Through Movement® Classes:

        • Tuesdays at noon

        • Wednesdays at 7:45 p.m.
at the Arlington Center




Upcoming workshops:

March 23
Spiral Power!

April 6
Spiral Arms, Nimble Hands, Supple Back

June 8
Uncovering Natural Breath

July 3 – 6
Annual White Mountains retreat: the Power of Breath


Josh Schreiber Shalem, GCFP
781-640-8794  •  feldyviol at gmail dot com


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