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Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) classes

Class meets twice a week at The Arlington Center, 369 Mass Ave, Arlington

Come to either or both (it's usually a version of the same lesson)

  • Tuesdays, noon to 1 pm
    ... a lunch-time awareness break...

  • Wednesday evenings, 7:45 to 8:45 pm
    You'll take in the lesson and internalize it best if you sleep on it!

$17/$16 drop-in, or less with a multi class card or series subscription.
All registration is through the Arlington Center. Check out their pricing options here.

Register for a full series and receive a free private lesson!

Spring 2014

Spiral Power

All human movement is to some extent spiralic, because we have spirals everywhere in our body, right down to our DNA. Spiraling movements feel so good and work so well because they follow the natural contours of our body's structure.

(Read more about the spiral structure of the body in this blog post).

Take a look at the beautiful movements of Ruth Alon in this video "Movement Nature Meant." Around minute 5:00 she asks "how do you cope with gravity in a way that is both comfortable and efficient?" Can you see role spirals play in the comfort and efficiency of her movements?



In this class you will learn to develop this sort of comfort and efficiency by tapping into the flow of your natural spirals. You'll discover how everything can be easier, more powerful, and more satisfying: from walking and running, to the practice of sports, to rolling over in bed. 

How will your life be different when you can:

  • Roll over smoothly and effortlessly in bed – without waking yourself (or your partner, if you have one)

  • Get out of bed (or out of a chair or even up off the floor) in a smooth, elegant spiral

  • Feel the ground under your feet pushing up through your skeleton so you can hold your head high with ease

  • Walk, run, or exercise with powerful, flowing movements

  • Experience your arms and hands being free and supported*

* I have found – and still find – these to be some of the most essential patterns in the recovery of my own hand function from chronic, debilitating tendonitis, to a hands-on healer and performing musician.

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About ATM

Previous class themes

About the class:

Join an intimate community of learners — and in this teacher is very much included — all in different places on their journey of self-discovery. I bring a theme to provide continuity from lesson to lesson, so that each student can come away with a sense of clarity about what they are learning. But inevitably, each student learns something different — something that is relevant to them. 

Underlying the season's theme are always the basic themes of Awareness Through Movement: Learning to become present in our bodies and our experience, to become aware of our habits, to struggle less, and to feel safe in confusion, which is another word for the process of learning.

I try to teach more-or-less the same lesson on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which I customize to the needs of the students in the room at the time. This way you can come to either class and still stay in the flow of the series. Or, if the lesson is particularly significant to you, you can get a chance to do it twice!(Unfortunately, you will have to pay for the second class, unless you have purchased a series through the Arlington Center, in which case you can make up a missed class by taking two classes in one week.)

I also record all my classes, and upload an mp3 of the 'cleaner' take each week. If you've attended/paid for that lesson, the recording is yours at no extra cost, and you can review it at home. If you missed a class, you can download the recording for $5.

One of these days I'll have all these recordings easily accessibly on my web site, but for the time being I make them available to current students or by request. Let me know if you'd like a recording of any of the classes or workshops I've taught over the past few years! I've got well over a hundred lessons to choose from.



Josh Schreiber Shalem, GCFP
781-640-8794  •  feldyviol at gmail dot com


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